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Library Figures

Apr 2, 2019

Misty Nesvick is the Community Relations Manager at Anchorage Public Library. Prior to this, Misty worked at iHeartMedia for nearly 16 years as a Senior Account Manager and Digital Sales Strategist. Misty has a different take on how to market a library due to her radio background. On today’s show, she shares some key insights and results she’s gotten through leveraging radio influencers and promoting library content on the radio.


Key Takeaways:

  • Meetpiola has a couple of free resources to help with your library’s marketing campaigns. Visit our website to check it out!
  • Who is Misty and what does she do for the Anchorage Public Library?
  • The Anchorage Public Library is the largest library system in the state of Alaska. They have five locations with one main hub, and they serve a population of about 300,000.
  • Prior to this, Misty worked at iHeartRadio. What kinds of lessons did she learn while she was there?
  • What are some of the benefits of using radio advertising?
  • Misty shares how she got influencers to endorse their library.
  • When it comes to a radio ad, what should libraries focus on?
  • When you’re on vacation, you’re more open to spending more. When you’re at work, you’re focused on your day-to-day life and not as open to new messaging. Advertising at ‘peak times’ isn’t always the best time.
  • Misty shares an example of a fantastic radio ad she heard from the U.S. Postal Services.
  • Quick announcement: Are you struggling with your library’s current website? We have a webinar to help you through this process!
  • Don’t be everything to everybody. Very rarely will your budget allow for you to do that.
  • What kinds of demographics does Misty look for?
  • What should libraries avoid in their radio marketing campaigns?
  • Misty shares some metrics and results she’s gotten from her marketing campaign so far.
  • Final thoughts from Misty on how to better market your library!


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