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Library Figures

Feb 26, 2019

Natalie Newville is the Marketing Manager at the Missouri River Regional Library. For the last year, Natalie has been advertising on an ‘old school’ medium, radio! She has seen great results from it because radio demographics are similar to the library’s ideal demographics. She shares how she picked out the radio station she advertises on, the type of content that’s mentioned in the ad, and so much more!


Key Takeaways:

  • Who is Natalie and what does she do for Missouri River Regional Library?
  • Natalie has partnered with a local radio station to promote their library and they’ve seen a huge increase in traffic for their online resources.
  • How did Natalie pick the radio station?
  • How does Natalie structure the radio ads?
  • In the beginning, Natalie really relied on the expertise of the radio guys to help them craft a nice 30-second ad. Now, they’re more familiar with the process and are tweaking their own ads.
  • How has Natalie been able to track the data?
  • Quick announcement: Are you struggling with your library’s current website? We have a webinar to help you through this process!
  • What advice would Natalie give to other libraries about starting their own radio ads?
  • Natalie shares improvements she’d like to make for 2019.
  • What mistakes should you avoid when trying run your own radio ads?


Mentioned in This Episode:

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