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Library Figures

Feb 12, 2019

I’m so excited to invite Angela Hursh back onto the show to discuss email marketing. If you didn’t know, Angela is the Content Team Leader for the Marketing Department at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. She is doing some interesting things with Orange Boy to keep her card holders engaged and aware of new book releases. Find out more about what she’s up to on this week’s episode!

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Key Takeaways:

  • Angela shares how she keeps her cardholders engaged and aware of new content coming into the library.
  • Before using Orange Boy, Angela was using MailChimp, but she explains why MailChimp wasn’t the best fit for them.
  • Why do people typically sign up for a library card?
  • How does Angela track her open and click rates?
  • Angela shares an example of what a typical email marketing campaign might look like.
  • What kinds of trends has Angela noticed so far?
  • Angela plans to do some experimenting in January to see if teenagers prefer digital or print.
  • Quick announcement: Piola is a digital library branch that helps build library websites.
  • How does Angela structure her email when featuring the book of the month?
  • Angela doesn’t feature the same ebook/print book in her email because there’s a chance her audience would get two emails based on their preference. Angela doesn’t want her audience to see the same books.
  • How often does Angela send out emails to her card holders?
  • Angela programs out her content calendar about six months in advance.
  • How can a library marketer replicate this without switching platforms?
  • Angela started adding emojis to the subject line. And wow! It has an impact!


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