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Library Figures

Feb 12, 2019

Scott Jarzombek is the Executive Director for the Albany Public Library. Scott has been in the position for nearly five years but has over 28 years of experience working in libraries. In this week’s episode, Scott discusses the benefits of including a podcast as part of your library marketing efforts. He also shares some of the mistakes he’s learned from this experience as well as the results he’s seen from the podcast.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Who is Scott and what does he do for the Albany Public Library?
  • Two years ago the library started doing a podcast.
  • How did Scott figure out their target audience for the podcast?
  • What’s the format for the show?
  • Scott shares the kinds of results he’s seeing from the podcast so far.
  • Scott has seen big jumps to the website’s traffic just from the podcast alone.
  • Quick announcement: Piola is a digital library branch that helps build library websites.
  • Has Scott considered repurposing his podcast into blog format?
  • What equipment is Scott using to record the podcast?
  • What would Scott do differently if he could start over?
  • How long should a podcast be?
  • What kinds of metrics should you be tracking?
  • How much time should someone dedicate in order to get their podcast up and running?
  • When it comes to marketing, you gotta know your audience. You can’t take the Albany Public Library marketing template and replicate it in a smaller district. Everywhere is slightly different.


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