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Library Figures

Mar 26, 2019

Trey Gordner is the Founder of Koios, a marketing solution for libraries looking to show up in local Google searches. Trey also helps libraries get approved by Google’s Ad Grants program, where they can use free advertising credit to promote specific pages and event landing pages. On today’s show, Trey shares how the Google Ad Grants program works, why paid search is better than SEO for libraries, and addresses privacy concerns libraries might have about using Google ads.


Key Takeaways:

  • Meetpiola has a couple of free resources to help with your library’s marketing campaigns. Visit our website to check it out!
  • Who is Trey and what does he do for Koios Library Software?
  • People might be finding your library on Google, but they might not be finding the right kind of information about your library.
  • How do you show up in Google search results?
  • Trey helps libraries with Google Ad Grants and helps them with their Google ads.
  • How does Google Ad Grants work?
  • How can libraries apply for this grant and what are some of the reasons why they would get rejected?
  • What are some best practices a library can follow to set up their Google ad for success?
  • What are some of the advantages of using paid searches vs. SEO?
  • Trey shares the types of KPIs and metrics he likes to track.
  • Quick announcement: Are you struggling with your library’s current website? We have a webinar to help you through this process!
  • Trey provides an example of how he would track a particular ad and its traffic.
  • What are some common mistakes people typically make with their paid searches?
  • What are some of the benefits of working with Trey’s company to help with a library’s Google ads?
  • How does Google collect information about who clicks and what kind of privacy concerns should libraries be aware of?


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